Monday, January 21, 2013

Star Control 2!

Here we go! New post. It's been longer than I've meant for. Still setting up my new computer, waiting for some parts to get here so I can get into this odyssey of mine. As I've said, I wish to bring to you the re-imagined Maniac Mansion and also Full Throttle, among other potential things I've been considering. Again, if you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to comment or message me personally (so far, only one person has contacted me by either means. Yay audience engagement! :D).

Now to the meat of this post. While I've been waiting on parts, and other such prep work, in my free time I have been literally sucked into and old DOS game called Star Control 2. Up until recently, I had largely been unawares of this classic until I had seen a Yogscast video of it that was sent to me by a colleague. Rather a video of a rebooted Star Control 2 being called The Ur-Quan Masters.
Lemme tell ya; this game is so cool! So hype!!

I mean, how sweet is that pic right there?! It's hyper-sweet!! It's also a link to the site so you can download and try it for yourself.
I won't give away too much. (I hate spoilers too guys..) Essentially though, Earth and much of the galaxy is enslaved by the Ur-Quan, and it is your duty to emancipate your species and others from Ur-Quan tyranny. I love the lore and feel of the story. It's so rad in a retro B-movie sort of way, with its dynamic array of alien species you can come in contact with, the stylized look in all its cheesiness (the good sort of cheese), the many different interactions the aliens have with you and also amongst themselves, et cetera. It draws from many sources to create a great science fiction experience.
Lore and aliens and what-not aside, the game play mechanics are awesome! You captain your own ship, which you name and customize with its own upgrades and compliment of escort ships. You have to manage your fuel and crew numbers as well. To fund all this, you're required to go to various planets in the many, many galaxies within the game and harvest minerals and resources. You can also acquire other upgrades and items through trading with other species, and also through diplomacy.
It's great, just great. Don't believe me? Go download it and try it out! I don't know if you will, but I had to monkey with the settings for it to look good, and I messed with the control scheme a little bit too as it was a little awkward to fly with the arrow keys, and fire my weapon with Enter..

Anyways, I should have material coming next week when I should be all set up, but school just started back up so we'll see.
Cheers mates!
The Elusive Red Herring

Ps Happy Martin Luther King Day y'all!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Updated Maniac Mansion!

So in my previous post I had mentioned the Maniac Mansion project being done by Edison Interactive... I've also discovered another similar project which I am also excited for! Vampyre Games currently has in works a 3D re-imagining of the classic Lucas Arts game. They likewise are giving it their own name, Meteor Mess 3D, and so far it looks really killer. And they even have a demo up, which I plan on trying out and potentially vlogging about. I'll include a link below so you can check it out yourself, which I recommend you do. Maybe even try out their demo, and get amped!

The infamous dungeon; seen myself locked in there many times in the original game.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working on content currently + Full Throttle

Hey gang!
As the title says, I've been working on content (whilst juggling work and life stuff, plus I'm getting a new comp as my current is starting to die on me). I've been looking at games to delve into, paying extra attention to titles that either I've never played, or it has been so long that I don't remember. For the most part, anyways. I've particularly had my eye on Phantasy Star, which I hear is a great cult classic, and a great looking remake of Maniac Mansion... I read about it on Kotaku and got real excited for it, but they're not done with it yet. Also, they're actually calling it Night of the Meteor for legal reasons. Definitely going to be future content. Click the pic to check it out and the guys at Edison Interactive and thank them for bestowing this on mankind.

Any other game suggestions?
Input welcome!

On another note; Full Throttle!
What's that you ask?
I scoff at you sir!

Check that out! Full Throttle isn't just a game about a biker though. It's more than that. So much more. Next post though.

The Elusive Red Herring

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The work continues...

Now with the holidays out of the way, I can really begin work on this epic venture of mine. I've been brainstorming, idea-izing (which is now a word), eating skittles, and I even redid the layout a little bit and made a nifty background to boot, which is essentially just a bunch of screencaps from some of my favorite games from my youth. Anyways, real content coming soon!

The Elusive Red Herring